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DNA Dining – the next step in tailored cuisine?

DNA Food dish

DNA Dining – the next step in tailored cuisine?

Discerning diners have more choices than ever when it comes to finding the perfect meal. As such, restaurants are now branching out wider and wider in order to offer a truly unique dining experience.

Is it even imaginable though, that the emphasis of dining out will switch from creating the perfect fine dining restaurant or cafe bar interior by using the latest ‘on trend’ colours, themes and restaurant furniture to genetic testing before we even take a seat at our favourite dining table? Like it or loathe the idea it’s very real.


Enter YO! Sushi…

Tailoring a meal to your tastes and preferences might sound obvious – but, tailoring a meal to your DNA? Does your DNA know your tastes better than you do? One restaurant is trying to find out if that might just be the case.


How does a DNA Dinner actually work?

YO! Sushi has partnered up with a company that specialises in genetic testing named DNA Fit. Together, they’re looking to provide the last word in meals that are truly tailored for you.

The natural question that arises is going to be “how are they going to get my DNA to use?”

Well, if you’re potentially interested in taking part in the trial program, you’re invited to sign up with YO! Sushi to register via their website. After that, you’ll be sent a home-testing DNA kit.

Once you have followed the instructions and posted them back, you’ll be able to get a full breakdown of what your DNA says your dietary needs are.

With that, the chefs at YO! Sushi will set about preparing a menu that has been tailored to you in the most extensive and literal way possible. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how closely your appetite matches your DNA “food profile”.


Has it been done before?

DNA testing has risen in popularity over recent years, with many services offering comprehensive gene analysis. With that, you might think that this idea has to have been tried before.

Well, sort of – 2017 saw Sam Bompas and Harry Parr holding a dinner at the Royal Geographical Society in London. The guests there had provided saliva samples to give their hosts the ability to analyse their DNA.

Based on that, the duo worked with a company named Ancestry DNA to provide a genetic profile of the guests – but that’s where the similarity ended.

They used the DNA to get a general idea of where their guests’ forefathers came from in the world. They then used that information to determine the menu for the evening.

YO! Sushi is doing things a little differently and creating a much more personally tailored meal. The only thing to worry about is – if you can’t stand the taste of sea urchin, does your DNA know that?