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Need a dining space with a new lease of life?

Need a dining space with a new lease of life?

If you ask Gordon Ramsay what the key to a good food outlet is, guess what he’ll tell you? You’re right, it’s the food. Watch an episode of Kitchen Nightmares and you’re guaranteed to see the celebrity chef redesign the owners’ menu from top to bottom. Usually, it involves stripping it right down and finding a niche.

The second thing he changes, however, can easily go unnoticed if you’re not really thinking about it. What else do his makeover team do, before that grand reopening? They give the place a makeover.


New restaurant furniture

Tired, peeling wallpaper, broken chairs and tables with enough gum to sink the Titanic is a recipe for a failing business. This is why spending a little to freshen up your café or restaurant’s decor and furniture every once in a while is vital for continued success. As a business owner, you should be leading the way in everything you do, whether it’s your cuisine or the experience you’re providing paying customers the instant they set foot inside the door.


Dining chairs

Something comfortable to sit on is the number one priority, but how many food outlets have you visited in the last year that had a wobbly table or chair that you had to give the old coaster trick? It’s good for a bad experience from minute one.

There are so many seating options out there to match your existing furniture. Chrome gives a modern look, plastic is easy to clean and wooden chairs and bar stools can work with either contemporary or traditional designs.


Dining tables

The right-sized table is imperative too. Spacing is easy when you have worked out the number of guests each table should host and where you want larger groups to sit. Are they better off situated towards the back of the eatery, while couples will want to sit at the window…don’t they? Round wooden tables are good at bringing people together and encouraging free-flowing conversation. Or, perhaps in smaller spaces, stylish, modern three-legged glass tables will add to your sophisticated and up-to-date decor.


Style and substance

Getting the right blend of functionality and eye-catching design is the secret here. Every single one of the furniture items available at Sawdust Interiors is priced, so you can begin accurately budgeting your renovation today.

We boast an in house design department where we can visualise your space, using the latest in 3D technology, which in turn gives you complete peace of mind ahead of the procurement process. Check out the huge range of dining furniture solutions suitable for your café, hotel or restaurant’s dining space and if you’re in doubt about anything, give us a call.

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