Dining Sets

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Showing all 37 results

Our dining sets come in different arrangements to compliment your current dining area, whether you’re looking for something for your kitchen or dedicated dining room or want to kit out a cafe. We offer a choice of arrangements including two, four and six-seater dining sets.

Our trendy bistro dining sets are ideal for smaller dining areas, available in a natural wood finish for a rustic or clean look that match the included seating. All our dining sets are built for longevity and comfortable dining experience.

The Beved range offers you a modern dining experience, with upholsteredBeved V4 Dining Set faux leather chairs for a durable, easy to clean and strong seat construction. Whereas the Tolix V2 dining set offers an industrial metallic look, ideal for a café or bar.

Our collection of dining sets are chosen to suit different environments to give you more choice and flexibility. No two spaces are the same which is why we want you to be able to find the right set within our ranges. Whether you are looking for a modern dining set, an industrial metal or wooden dining set we have a wide selection for you to choose from.