Designer Dining Sets

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Showing all 29 results

A wide range of stunning dining sets in a variety of designs to match your stylish interior.

Our designer bistro dining sets combine solid wooden tops with vintage styled seating, perfect for both home and café environments.

Our made to order ranges offer flexible design and choice, giving you more freedom to customise and arrange.

We offer an extensive range of designer dining set brands, including Tolix, Durt and Beved, contributing to our large range of designs to inspire your next culinary setting.

For example, our Tolix range provides a vintage dining experience boasting hairpin style table legs and gunmetal chairs. These popular styles are inspired by the designs of Xavier Pauchard and are a particular favourite in cafes and bars.

Choosing the right dining set is important when planning the layout of your dining space. The dining furniture is the focal point of the room and the first thing that will get your diner’s attention. We have put together a range of high-quality and stylish dining set designs to choose from, to give you the choice and freedom to create a memorable dining experience, whether in your home or in a café.