Lounge Seating

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Showing 1–48 of 66 results

Lounge seating offers your diners and bar customers a place to relax before dinner or to sit and socialise. Our comfy range of sofas and armchairs offer you plenty of choice allowing you to style your restaurants, bars or cafes, with exactly what you want.

A lot of items in our lounge seating range come with a large selection of fabrics and leathers giving you the ability to customise your furniture and create a unique looking space.

Ideal for both formal and informal venues and not out of place at home, this particular range is very versatile.

Our Futre lounge chair is really popular, available in a choice of different base designs to complement the large cosy seat which boasts a huge range of fabrics to choose from.

Our large collection of lounge chairs and sofas are available to buy and be delivered anywhere in the UK. These chairs will sit nicely anywhere, adding a softened and comfortable experience when visiting your establishment.