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Top UK restaurants for 2019 revealed

Top UK restaurants for 2019 revealed

Waitrose’s annual Good Food Guide has been released in time for us all to begin sampling the top restaurants in Britain this year. Published annually since 1951, this culinary institution has become the nation’s essential recommendation list for dining. Covering over 1,200 different restaurants, the guide uses a handy 1-10 grading system to easily classify locations by their dedication to flavour, innovation, and technical knowledge. This year’s selections cover a wide range of different eateries from local seafood on the Cornish coast to classic dining establishments like The Ritz and The Dorchester.

Travel to the southwestern coast to try the #1 spot


If you want to sample the deluxe offerings of the restaurant voted best in the country then pop down to Port Isaac in Cornwall to enjoy a wide range of traditional coastal dishes at Restaurant Nathan Outlaw. This establishment has beaten all of the competition in London and elsewhere around the nation to maintain its top position for the third year running. With a 10/10 score, the judges awarded the restaurant an extremely rare accolade while also noting that the menu was refreshingly unpretentious and inventive. Not only is the food at Nathan Outlaw unmatched, but the luxuriously designed dining room provides a panoramic view of the English coastline while you indulge in your choice of seafood.

Ethical and environmentally conscious menus


As we all become more aware of the way that human agricultural practices and consumption affect the world around us, it’s no surprise that the Good Food Guide for 2019 features numerous restaurants that are offering ecologically-aware menu choices. Roganic in Marylebone, which prides itself on only cooking with fresh local produce from the UK, claimed the number 20 spot this year. Other restaurants have taken a range of other approaches, such as diversifying with more innovative and flexible vegetarian and vegan dishes and publicising their dedication to improving recycling measures.

Special recognition and a few local gems


In addition to the traditional numbered rankings, this year’s Good Food Guide also features several stand-alone awards. If you visit Ynyshir in Wales, you can sample the delights of Gareth Ward who won the 2019 Chef of the Year. New establishments were also recognised, such as The Moorcock in West Yorkshire which won Best New Entry. Meanwhile, in keeping with the environmentally conscious theme, Angela’s in Margate was noted for being Best in Sustainability. The 2019 Guide also takes the time to point out some ‘local gems’ around the country. These are not graded like the main list but offer the chance to recognise some exceptional dining establishments that represent their area well. Whether the number one ranked restaurant or a hidden gem, these locations all offer exceptional food along with a comfortable and uplifting ambience. Restaurant furniture and design is a large part of creating this ideal dining environment, so give us a call today to find out how we can help with your vision.

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